Ian Paisley Jr. on the past

On Thursday 21 November, Ian Paisley Jr. said to Stephen Nolan:
"Like most people I woke to Mr. Larkin's statement with shock." 
Ian Paisley Jr. then explained why he and his party stood fast against the Northern Ireland Attorney-General John Larkin's call to end Troubles-related prosecutions. Paisley further said that, "I could not share what I think of Mr. Larkin on the air."

In August 2010, Ian Paisley Jr. said to a panel event in Belfast here:
"Northern Ireland’s future should not be sacrificed on the altar it’s the troubled past... Let’s stop kidding ourselves. We are never going to believe in each other’s versions of the truth. And I think it’s about time that we moved on... the cost of doing any inquiry is going into the hundreds of millions of pounds and I don’t actually believe it’s going to get us any further..."

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David Davis
, the Conservative MP for Haltemprice and Howden stood in support of John Larkin's proposal. He said here that John Larkin's "comments not only reflect the spirit of the agreement, they also recognise the increasing impracticality of getting to the bottom of such killings."

Peter Hain, the former secretary of state for NI said here that he saw "some merit in the proposal from the Northern Ireland attorney general". He continued: "Rather than incurring enormous expenditure and effort pursuing crimes committed during the Troubles decades ago... justified grievances, including those of widows of prison officers and police officers should be addressed in other ways so that Northern Ireland can move on from its hideous past."

Senior RUC officers, including three ex-heads of Special Branch, have told the Haass team that John Larkin's controversial proposals should be implemented. 

Read David Davis in full here. Peter Hain here. Story on RUC officers here.

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