Northern Ireland needs to follow Washington and move past the 'shutdown'

When America was stuck in a government shutdown with much of the country involuntary furloughed and facing a catastrophic default, America needed real leadership. The morning news show, Today on Morning Joe, held a discussion with the title the "top ten political leaders we (United States) need right now."

The man who helped to create peace in Northern Ireland through the Good Friday Agreement topped the discussion. I came across this on the Democrats blog here. How very lucky we were to have such a great and capable man like George Mitchell to bring together the most intransigent of intransigents.
The US shutdown has since been cleared, Washington is now open and America is open for business once again. Northern Ireland unionism needs to do the same and make a deal, move the agenda forward and end the 'loyalist shutdown'. Leadership is not about managerialism but about moving society from where it is to where it should be. We're in a very bad place and we need real courage from both unionism and nationalism.

Previous blog on the debt we owe George Mitchell here.

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