#Protests - 10,000 loyalists planned for November 30 in Belfast city centre

We previously recorded here that a group going by the name Loyalist Peaceful Protesters had lodged an application with the Parades Commission which would see 5,000 marchers and supporters march through the city centre on November 30 2013. This was removed and has since been reinstated for the same day, one of the busiest shopping days of the year, but with 10,000 marchers and supporters. UTV has it here. The Irish News cited a response from Glyn Roberts of the Northern Ireland Independent Retail Association who said:
"I am bitterly, bitterly disappointed that not only is this protest going ahead but the size of the protest on what is the busiest shopping day of the year."

We need to feel the fierce urgency of the now. Whatever you say, say something. We need to show civil intolerance of this. And let's ask as Ian Coulter did: "Where are the rights for the people trying to trade and build businesses?" Previous posts on the affect of loyalist protests brand Belfast and Northern Ireland here and here.

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