Northern Ireland - A world of policy free politics

Since its inception NI21 has found itself under a shower of inverted criticism as opponents cat call the party for its lack of policies. The doublespeak and hypocrisy is simply breathtaking. Ventriloquising Mick Fealty, editor of Slugger O'Toole, the old-order parties in Northern Ireland practice a special and unique branch of politics: that being, "policy-free politics." As Mick Fealty said:
"Policy is little in evidence anywhere in Stormont. Nor has there been any clearly articulated ambition to focus on solving real world problems through new policy formation at the political level. The non arrival of CSI and a long promised anti poverty strategy from OFMdFM is indicative.

In the absence of meaningful content, politics is reduced to a series of controversies over Orange parades, the flying of flags, the naming of play parks. Unnoticed, and largely unrermarked upon, the intimidation of minority communities continues on a low level and out of sight of the TV cameras."
"The main act is a puppet show loosely themed around the politics of identity, which is both its greatest strength and a major vulnerability."
No policies equals no politics and deadlock at best, mismanagement and descent into conflict at worst.

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  1. Policies are hard work...require innovation and imagination - like imaging how NI might look in 2021 if we were to introduce innovative education, health, economic and environmental ideas...we are a tiny place that would build on the peace process by becoming a world leader in change and innovation....