Pushing back against sectarianism and violence

The deputy editor of the Belfast Telegaph, Gail Walker, recently wrote an article by the titled 'I'll take Northern Ireland's real politics over the liberals' dreams' which provoked a lot of interest across social media. Many of whom were critical of Walker's tacit approval of the stasis sectarian gridlock, violent state of Northern Ireland. Here's some of the pushback comments made on Facebook. One user said:
"Middle class liberalism is a civilising influence everywhere else in the world - why does she expect Northern Ireland's equivalent to shut up? "
Journalist Lyra McKee (@LyraMcKee) made an observation which echoes our series on 'The two worlds of Northern Ireland (here and here). She said: "The views of the under-30s are largely absent in this debate and truth be told, most don't want to vote "Republican" or "Unionist" but for a party they believe has the best vision for Northern Ireland. Other parties just get too hung up on the constitutional question." Another well-known commentator said:
"Maybe she likes riots, carve up and gridlock, but I personally remain of the view that it is shite, unnecessary and completely life-denying."

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